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Palavras-Chave: Artigo cientifico, jogos digitais, mobiles, comunicabilidade, mercado, indie games, advergames. This work presents three topics that will be the most discussed in this article. Games, their influences and history, mobiles with its evolution and market, ending with the relationship between the two mainly generating accessibility. But beyond these three games we will also see new input methods in the field of medicine, called advergames advertising games and Indie Games. According to Bruno Maletta, the rapid growth of user base can hinder the perception of improvement in services. The service needs to meet current customers and be prepared for new consumers and new technologies. Keywords: scientific article, digital games, mobiles, accessibility, market, indie games, advergames.

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Victorious MAX. Vikings Video. Who's the Bride. Wild Bazaar. Wild Turkey. Wild Water. Wild Wild West.

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