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Melhorar sua compra. Roll the Bones tells the story of gambling: where it came from, how it has changed, and where it is now. This is the new Casino Edition. New material chronicles in greater depth the development of casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip and their spread throughout the United States.

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Card Player, The Poker Authority, is an industry-leading publication and web portal specializing in poker media, strategy and tournament coverage. Each episode highlights a well-known member of the poker world and dives deep into their favorite tales both on and off the felt. Kristy Arnett Moreno and Andrew Moreno met in college and simultaneously fell in love with each other and the game of poker. Together they made the move from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Las Vegas with the dream of making it in the poker world. Kristy landed a job in poker media, and almost immediately made an impact, interviewing some of the best players in the world both on camera and in print for Card Player and PokerNews. After starting his career focusing on cash games, Andrew has since transitioned to tournaments.

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